Meka Oku Is a Nigerian-born dancer from a musically inclined household. He became highly influenced by Michael Jackson’s unique and distinct way of movement which sparked his interest towards dance at an early age. While keeping a strong core in his inherent style of dance known as “Afro House”, Meka was able to learn Afro Fusion, Hip-Hop and bits of Dancehall on his own which makes him a self-taught dancer.

Meka found love for choreography through his exceptional Afro House, Afro Fusion and Dancehall inspired style of movement and this has allowed him to choreograph for A-list Artists Including Psquare and Selebobo. Meka, always a student of the arts, continues to share his art and cultural experiences with a smile for all who embrace it for the love of dance. 

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Meka Oku


Latonya Sampson-McDonald is a professionally trained Actress and Dancer. She has a bachelors of fine arts in theatre and dance. Staring in stage roles from playwrights Shakespeare  to James Baldwin, television appearances on BET, VH1 and Lifetime. She is also a former multi award winning championship choreographer for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc and Savannah State University.  She currently has a Masters  in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mount Saint Mary's University and is a California board certified Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Coach who has literally worked with almost every population on and off the clock, from teens to elderly, under privileged to privileged, violent offenders, the suicidal, addiction sufferers, sexual and domestic violence victims, to everyday people that struggle to find their purpose even though they have followed all the rules based on society standards. Her passion is inspire  and change  lives through  the art of entertainment  and therapy and she continues to do so through life's work as an entrepreneur on her own terms. 

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