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Calling all Dancers

Adera De is seeking new talent for our fall season. We are currently seeking dancers of all style and techniques who are ready to dance. These dancers will be attending rehearsals and preparing to perform when needed. Must have a solid background in dance of 6-20 years of experience with a mastery of 2-3 styles. 

If this is you, please fill out our talent search Here

Seeking Teaching Artists

Adera De is seeking Teaching Artists! Some college is required along with a background and some formal training in Dance. The position requires five to ten years of dance experience (including at least 5 years of Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop along with the ability to teach 2-5 dance styles). We are seeking someone who has previously participated in at least 3-10 dance performances or showcases and who has the ability to teach dance to both K-12 youth and adults.

If you are ready for a career with us, please fill out our talent search Here