About Us


AderaDe is a family owned Dance company founded in 2012 by Adesina Sampson. We provide dance and fitness services in the tri-state area (New York and New Jersey) both virtually and in person and offer classes for ages ranging from 5 years old to seniors. We offer a variety of classes and workshops that can be tailored to your needs. Our dance classes are taught by trained dancers and fitness instructors and we offer multiple dance styles such as Latin, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, African, Indian, and Ballet. Our fitness offerings include Zumba, toning & sculpting, interval training and flexibility training. We also do special workshops & performances for special events such as Black History Month, Christmas, Easter and more. We provide services for corporate events, schools, recreational centers, senior centers, assisted living facilities and can even offer you virtual family dance classes right in your living room! Our motto is "we bring the fun where there is none."

"We bring the fun where there is none!"