What We Do

Dance Classes

Our trained dancers offer classes featuring multiple dance styles: Latin, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, African, Afro Beats, Indian, and Ballet. Classes can be as small as 5 people up to 25 people max and ages can range from 5 years old to senior citizens.

Fitness Group

Fitness Classes

Our fitness offerings include Zumba, Toning & Sculpting, Interval Training, Strength Training and Flexibility Training for groups and couples!

Special Performances & Workshops

We also do special workshops & performances for special events such as Black History Month, Christmas, and Easter. We also pay homage through culturally based performances and educational events such as "The History of African Dance" and "La Cultura" our celebration of Latin Dance. During these cultural events we offer performance paired with an educational component to assist learners in developing an appreciation for the cultures featured.

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